Orville Studleys Fundraising and Entrepreneurship Program

The Future Farmers 500 is a unique affiliate fundraising and entrepreneurship program designed for FFA students and chapters. The program is designed to encourage FFA students to gain entrepreneurship skills and is also a unique fundraising opportunity for FFA chapters. This unique approach to fundraising allows students to earn money for themselves and their schools.

Program Benefits

Earn Your FFA Jacket

Earn $500 in net sales with your affiliate account and be rewarded with your own FFA Jacket

Become an Entrepreneur

Be your own boss and earn cash for every referral sales you make; and gain entrepreneurial skills along the way.

Leave A Legacy

Your FFA chapter also earns a commission on your behalf when you make a sale. 

Earn an FFA Blue Jacket with Orville Studleys

At Orville Studleys, we believe every student member should have an FFA Jacket to showcase their pride of being an FFA member. As students, the cost to getting an FFA Jacket is sometimes out of reach but as an Orville Studleys affiliate we can help you get your own jacket. When you reach $500 in net retail sales through the Orville Studleys Affiliate Program, we'll provide you with a voucher to redeem an FFA Jacket.

How Does It Work?


Sign up for an affiliate account today!


Share your referral link to friends, families, and your social network.


Earn money for every sales made through your referral link.


You and your chapter gets paid!*

Join The Program

Become a Future Farmer 500 affiliate member to start earning cash!

*A minimum threshold amount required for payout.